By Adrian Notter - January 28th, 2021 | Posted in News

We are encouraging students to write articles for our website – to share their experiences and take a look at news from their perspective. Here are two stories from George and Finlay in Year 6, reporting on an incident that took place very close to school.

The tree that caused chaos
The shining moon light witnessed a tree murder!
A humongous tree collapsed across a main lane.
The tree caused mayhem everybody was furious as they couldn’t use the road.
The tree had to be sliced in half because everyone was getting annoyed.
Where the tree hit is popular to children as there is a school close by.
The pupils at Unified Academy were shocked and excited.

George Year 6

The midnight tree fall
One mysterious night a tree fell due to very strong wind. Luckily nobody
was hurt during the storm and the tree fall.
The road was shut and me and my taxi had to go all the way round to get to
school. Some tree surgeons came and chopped up the tree and they were
kind enough to give us a bit of the tree and we are going to work out how
old the tree is.
We also offered them tea with a whopping 25 SUGARS I supposed they
were very tired from getting up so early in the morning.
They were hard working for half the day and Unified Academy was very
grateful for their hard work to help the roads get safer.
We will update you on the tree in our next report. Goodbye.

Finlay Year 6