Fundraising Projects

We are currently fundraising to increase the therapy provision at Unified Academy.

Increased therapy in our school will help every student to manage their emotions, develop their social and emotional skills, overcome barriers to learning, and ensure they have the best chance of academic and future success.

Currently, a referral to an external mental health provider can take several months. Our pupils respond well to familiar adults, who are consistently part of their environment, and with whom they can build a rapport at their pace. A new in-house therapist at Unified will be able to work with our learners consistently, building meaningful relationships with pupils and parents.

Providing the best support to our students now will help to deter negative social consequences in later life and enable our young people to go on to become integrated and contributing members of society.

We welcome donations from charitable trusts, companies and individuals towards the costs of a new therapist. Please contact Jessica Zubaidi at if you would like to support this vital project.