Speech & Language

Research has shown that there is a strong link between communication difficulties and behaviour. Therefore, Speech and Language Therapy has a key role to play in supporting students within the school.

The Speech and Language Therapy team at Unified Academy is dedicated to providing a student-centred therapy service to support students’ speech, language and communication needs.

The Speech and Language Therapy team work closely with school staff to provide support and training in how speech, language and communication needs can be supported within the classroom. Where needed, the team may also work directly with students to support them with specific skills. Therapy sessions are delivered in 1:1, small group or classroom based sessions.

For students that have difficulties with communication, the Speech and Language Therapist may complete some informal assessment with your son. Where appropriate a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder, or Language Disorder associated with another condition (e.g. ASD, ADHD) may be given to help better understand your son’s needs and how to support these.

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A referral to the Speech and Language Therapy team can be made at any time through discussion with school staff and the Speech and Language Therapy team. Before your child can be seen, written consent will be needed from parents/carers.