Meet Chester the therapy dog


I think I have met most of you now but I wanted to introduce myself as the newest member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

My name is Chester, I’m a therapy dog and I really love working at Unified Academy. In Fact, I enjoy it so much that I have decided to write my own weekly Dog Blog, so you can see what I’ve been up to. As you know my favourite time of day is welcoming all you boys when you arrive at school.

I really love the head scratches and cuddles I get, and love seeing all your happy faces.

The weather’s been a bit wet and horrid in the last week, so I got Mum to buy me a new high-vis coat that keeps me warm and dry for the morning shift. As you might have guessed I’m quite the fashionista and love my range of trendy knit wear.

Please say ‘hello’ as you see me around the school I love fuss and attention. If you can’t get into school at the moment because of COVID -19, I would love to see the work you have been doing at home, I’m sure Mum will put it up on the wall by my bed so I can look at it.

Visit this page and check out my blog each week.

See you soon,

Chester’s Dog Blog

The one where I got a haircut

The one where mum bought me a Go-Pro

The one where it’s Mother’s Day

The one where I met Skye the 8-week-old Schnoodle puppy 

The one where I met our new Principal

The one where I bumped into a giant hotdog! 

My son joined Unified Academy in September 2020 and it is the best educational setting for him.  As a parent, I was apprehensive about my son attending a new place, but the experience for him has been fantastic. Having had a tough time in previous schools, his attitude to attending school has been difficult. Unified Academy has changed his attitude towards school and that is thanks to the positivity of all the staff.  My son finally feels accepted and that is a great weight off my shoulders!

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