By Belle - November 8th, 2022 | Posted in Article

Rock climbing at Surrey Sports Park is a new addition to the Personal Development offer at Unified Academy

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and students thoroughly enjoyed their first climbing experience. Students

listened attentively as a safety briefing was given by the lead climbing instructor and without hesitation all students put on their harnesses and headed towards to towering wall.

Fuelled with adrenaline students took to the ropes supported by one another to overcome fears and reach new heights.  All students started their journey on the beginner’s wall and quickly advanced to the more challenging terrain using small climbing grips to navigate around ledges and traversing from greater heights. With every climb each student’s confidence grew and they set themselves individual targets that they were determined to achieve. During the activity students had to place their trust in their peers to support them as they abseiled from the top to the bottom and they communicated effectively, listening to the needs of others.

Whilst it was inspiring to watch each student overcome their fears and personal obstacles it was even more comforting to witness all students support their peers by chanting, encouraging, and reassuring each other, showing the real benefits of peer

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collaboration and reflecting the whole school mantra of supporting each other, achieving together.

Students left feeling a sense of ac IMG 0801 hievement and an eagerness to conquer the next challenge. Unified Academy would like to thank all students for being great ambassadors for the school and demonstrating how facing challenges head on and teamwork can bring great results!

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