By Clair Hill - September 30th, 2022 | Posted in Article

This academic year at Unified Academy, we have introduced personal development sessions to enhance the curriculum and extend beyond the academic by offering broad and varied activities. To build on the success of enrichment sessions last year we have listened to student voice to increase the breadth of experiences that students are able to encounter. Personal development sessions are now part of student’s daily timetable where students can gain new skills and knowledge whilst fostering existing interests and passions. These sessions have provided students with the opportunities to engage positively with the wider community and support students to promote their independence and become responsible active citizens who contribute positively to society. Students can sign up for six-week periods and work towards achieving AQA unit awards in a range of diverse on and offsite activities that seek to develop their social, physical, creative, digital, cultural and cognitive skills.

Personal development sessions seek to strengthen and develop peer relationships through collaborative learning experience which bring students together irrespective of age, disability, race or beliefs. As a whole school objective, we continue to strive to develop student character equipping them with skills to communicate effectively, reflect wisely, learn eagerly, and behave with integrity. Physical development recognises the importance of leading healthy and active lives and provides students with tool to understand how to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing.

Experiences enjoyed this term by students have included French taster sessions, orienteering, Dorking community visits, diverse sports, swimming, first aid, golf, stem science web design and portrait photography.  Content is delivered through personalised instruction that addresses student’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles serving to motivate and inspire students to immerse themselves in their chosen activities.