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By Adrian Notter - November 19th, 2020 | Posted in News

The school have been learning about Armistice Day, including why poppies are the symbol of remembrance.  One tutor group were tasked with making their own poppies. Student, Leyton, wondered why he hadn’t seen many people wearing poppies in school and suggested making a batch to sell to staff, with all profits going to The British Legion. The first eight poppies were made and delivered, however, word soon spread about the amazing hand-crafted poppies and Leyton soon had a book full of orders. He enlisted the help of his friend Tommy, teacher Joanna Langley and a teaching assistant to help with the growing demand. He even taking resources home to ensure everyone had their poppies by 11th November. Leyton raised a whopping £80 which will be sent to The British Legion. He later explained that his great, great, Grandad had served as a soldier in the 1st World War and when he told his Nan about making and selling the poppies, she said, he would have been “really proud of him”. We are very proud of him too, well done Leyton, and everyone that helped him along the way.