By Belle - November 8th, 2022 | Posted in Article

Personal development in Autumn 2 2022 has kickstarted with a new activity which provides students with a safe and controlled space to learn and practice new skills with their foundation in Martial Arts. Students have begun to appreciate the benefits of increased physical activity on their emotional wellbeing and using martial arts as a tool for self-regulation.

IMG 0861 In the opening session students were provided with the opportunity to learn new techniques in a controlled way, under the supervision of British Taekwon-do and ABA accredited instructors. During the session students aligned the core school values with the underwritten values of martial arts which are courtesy, integrity, self-control, and perseverance.

IMG 0943

Throughout the session students grew in confidence, learning basic and complex drills and using prior knowledge obtained in the Autumn 1 AQA int

roduction to boxing and boxing memory units. In addition to the practical skills, students are developing their teamwork, communication and interaction skills with one another by encouraging each other to obtain set tasks and achievements and supporting one another by holding pads and equipment safely.

As the session progressed it was evident to see that students had natural ability and their competence, which was quickly assessed by the lead instructor, allowed them to progress onto more complex drills and combinations with many students performing the ‘360 degree turning kick’. The activities and drills practiced were particularly complimentary to the KS3 Nurture group who are studying angles, as students were able to discuss the attack lines and degrees of rotation when performing advanced kicking techniques.


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The syllabus will continue to be constructed around students’ engagement, development and progression as well as placing a prominent focus on the disciplines of martial arts and safety procedures.  Over the course of the unit, students will be introduced to the etiquette of martial arts which is aligned with the school values of showing one another respect, compassion and the curiosity to give new experiences a try. We look forward to seeing more determination, resilience, and willingness to learn new skills in future sessions.