By Adrian Notter - August 30th, 2022 | Posted in News

Unified Academy is celebrating the fantastic achievements of our year 11 students.

13 of our year 11 students sat GCSE examinations in subjects including; English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Art and Design, Physical Education, Food Preparation and Nutrition and Design and Technology.  Students also achieved a range of Functional Skills Level 1 and Entry Level qualifications.

As a result of these successes, 18 year 11 students have gained college placements in courses including Motorsports, Art and Design and Construction with others gaining apprenticeships in Vehicle Maintenance and Lifeguarding.

Headline results include:

  • 100% 1 – 9 pass rate achieved in all GCSE subjects
  • 45 GCSE qualifications awarded in total for 13 students, a significant increase from the 6 awarded in 2020/21
  • Good passes of grade 4 achieved for students in Design and Technology and Art and Design
  • 15 students achieved Entry Level 1 qualifications in English
  • 17 students achieved Entry Level 1 qualifications in Mathematics, 13 achieved Entry Level 2 and 10 achieved Entry Level 3
  • Students also completed Functional Skills Level 1 exams in English, Mathematics and IT with 9 achieving Level 1 English, 2 Mathematics and 1 IT.

At Unified Academy we recognise that remaining engaged with their education and taking part in examinations is a huge achievement for many students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and congratulate all students for their commitment, resilience and determination in completing these assessments.