By Clair Hill - March 3rd, 2023 | Posted in Article

On the 24 February Year 10 B cashed in their hard earned e praise points and went for an eat as much as you like Chinese meal. They trained hard beforehand and ate nothing on the morning to ensure they made full use of food provided. The meal started with a shared starter consisting of squid, ribs, prawn toast, spring rolls, satay chicken, chicken strips and seaweed. One student who had never eaten Chinese before discovered ribs and managed to eat nine of them. He also discovered chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce. He decided his family could now order Chinese take away as he liked it. All boys tried something new although the squid got differing responses. They then chose their individual dishes for main course and shared these amongst themselves so all got another chance to try something new. The students were polite and respectful at all times and told the Jess the owner that the food was “Banging”.

chinese 2