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By Clair Hill - June 8th, 2024 | Posted in Article

During 2024 the students have had access to a variety of drums that were donated to the school. Whilst these drums were bordering upon ‘Antique’ they had spent the last 20 years of their life in the corner of a damp warehouse gathering dust, rust, mold and general decay. This in turn had rendered the drums unplayable due to warping, damp and contraction.

The Personal Development programme has given small groups of students the opportunity to handle these drums and gradually bring them back to life for a different purpose. To turn these drums into unique occasional tables!

The students have, during their Personal Development sessions gradually brought these aging instruments back to life. The students have been instructed and supervised to strip the drums down to their bare essentials, slowly removing all of their original metalwork and taking the shells back down to their original wood finish, in so doing, removing all of the old and in some cases badly painted shell wraps, revealing the timber for probably the first time in over 50 years!

The shells have been then painstakingly rubbed down with a mixture of glass paper and wire wool.. Removing any old glue and paint residue and slowly revealing and promoting the original grain. The metal work has been rubbed down with endless bundles of wire wool to gradually remove the rust and decay of years to bring back the shine of chrome and electro plating to an excellent standard.

These shells, having been stored for so long in such cold and damp conditions will never be playable, they would not take any longer the stress placed upon the shells when under tension, but they retain their looks with proper care and attention provided by the students. Slowly applying wood dye to bring out the grain and marbling, then applying a wood polish to promote the shine. Reaffix the newly polished metal work and finally placing replacement drum heads onto the drums, finishing them off with a freshly cut perspex table top to produce totally ‘one off’ occasional tables.

drum 1 drum 2

The students have then proudly taken those drum tables home as payment for the care and attention they have provided to bring those drums back to life.