By Clair Hill - October 30th, 2022 | Posted in Article

This term as part of their new personal development sessions, students from Unified Academy selected to take part in ‘Dorking Community Visits’, a series of off-site experiences focused on discovering local cultural influences, history and heritage.

Students visited Dorking museum and Dorking caves and participated in vineyard, religious buildings and war memorial walks. Through taking part in these sessions’ students were able to learn about and build appreciation for the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their heritage. Students were excellent ambassadors for the school while out in the community, developing their social, communication and interaction skills through engaging in discussion about areas of cultural interest and local history.

Students were given a guided tour of Dorking caves and were inspired to experience the excavations below Dorking and explore the underground tunnels.

Students especially enjoyed visiting Dorking Museum learning about wartime in Dorking including the Battle of Dorking, Anstie Grange Military Hospital and Dorking war stories. Students were encouraged to learn kinesthetically by looking at and touching wartime memorabilia and even tried on World War 1 combat helmets.