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In our English programme at Unified Academy, we aim to teach students to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate information and ideas clearly to others. We seek to enable students to express themselves confidently and accurately in a broad range of situations. We focus on all four areas of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Through their reading and listening, students will increase their knowledge and will develop their ability to understand and respect the views of others. English and literacy are key elements of learning; they enable students to understand and interact with every kind of written text. At Unified Academy, we value reading as a key life skill and have developed three pathways to support all students to learn to read.  We aim to ensure that students leave us with the ability to read fluently, with comprehension and to build a lifelong love of reading.

At Unified Academy English and Literacy is embedded through teaching and learning practice. We believe that a strong foundation of English and Literacy leads to success, both at school and in adult life. Unified Academy is committed to raising standards of English and Literacy in order to raise standards and attainment across the curriculum. All students leave Unified Academy ready to meaningfully engage in their local community and be equipped to shape and transform the world they live in. Throughout their time with us, students will achieve a range of formal qualifications in English, ranging from Entry Level Certificates and Functional Skills qualifications to GCSE English Language.

English Learning Journey

If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Louise Kidger lkidger@unifiedacademy.org