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Art and Photography

Art is a subject that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world in which we live. We develop students’ awareness of the impact of art on society and how artist/practitioners work is constantly re-used in the visual arts such as fine art, TV, media, graphics, film, music video and movies.

Through our Art & Design curriculum we seek to engage, inspire and challenge students, equipping them with skills to experiment, invent, improve and create their own original pieces of work. Over time they will develop their ability to think critically as well as increase their knowledge and understanding of Art & Design. To self-express, to gain a sense of fulfilment and to enjoy.

The curriculum explores many practical skills in handling the variety of specialised equipment and materials/ media. Motor skills are continually refined and work adjusted to improve the visual impact, structure and composition, for example. These skills are transferable to careers in design, painting and decorating, media/film/theatre etc. technology technicians etc.

Each term, core skills, the formal elements and the Subject Thresholds are revisited in a spiral learning format to embed and extend understanding and engagement. Written responses use writing frames and invite opinion and connections.

During KS4, students prepare a portfolio of work based on responses to art skills, approaches and concepts, and then extend this to their own interests.

Learners develop oracy, creative thinking, visual literacy and develop highly valuable and transferrable skills for future careers and life. Our themes link with selected artist/ practitioner works including traditional, modern and contemporary ideas, concepts and knowledge

In KS4 students work towards GCSE in Art and Design or AQA Unit Awards.

Art and Photography Learning Journey

If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Louise Kidger lkidger@unifiedacademy.org