Curriculum Intent

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At Unified Academy, our curriculum aims to provide broad and balanced child centred education for students with SEMH aged 9 to 16.  Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop social, emotional and independence skills in preparation for their transition to adulthood.

The curriculum is designed to promote the cognitive and physical progress of students as well as their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. We recognise that many students may join us with gaps in their knowledge and skills.  Each subject area meets individual needs by delivering the national curriculum programmes of study in a manner that makes them accessible to all students within the school. We also aim to ensure that regular opportunities for literacy and oracy are built into curriculum thinking.

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Our Academy values are embedded across all subjects. Students are encouraged to be:

  • Curious to experience and discover the world around them,
  • Respectful of themselves, others and the community,
  • Compassionate to the needs and feelings of others,
  • Inspired to achieve their full potential and see new possibilities and
  • Empowered to make positive choices so that they can contribute to their community.

The curriculum is planned and sequenced using a spiral curriculum model where knowledge and skills are regularly revisited and built on over time in increasing complexity.  Our core curriculum offer is enhanced by daily Personal Development sessions that seek to extend beyond the academic.  These sessions provide exposure to new skills and knowledge while fostering existing interests and passions.  Students are given opportunities to engage positively with the wider community and sessions support students to increase their independence.


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At Unified Academy, we recognise and value difference, work is personalised and each students’ individual needs considered in order to support students to achieve. We are ambitious to achieve impactful outcomes for all students whether academic or functional and strive to build confidence, character and capability so that students are empowered to become responsible and active citizens.