Anti-Bullying Week

By Adrian Notter - November 26th, 2019 | Posted in News

Staff and students from across the school have been taking part in different activities to promote Anti-Bullying Week.

To start the week everyone gathered together in assembly and talked about the small changes that we can all make in order to make a BIG difference, to recognise that it is our collective responsibility to stop bullying once and for all. The theme this year was “A Change Starts with…” A display outside of the dining hall offers advice to everyone about how we can make at least one change.

On Tuesday of Anti-Bullying week we joined in “Odd Sock Day”. This day is designed to be fun, with an opportunity to express yourselves, and to celebrate individuality and what makes us all unique. Students were given tags to fill out to thank someone for something nice they had done for them. There was a huge response to this and on Thursday we held another assembly where we shared in some of the messages and gave out “Odd Socks”, sweet treats and flowers to everyone involved. It was a heartwarming assembly with huge input from the students who had so much kind to say about both their peers and staff alike.