Vision and Ethos

Our Vision

Supporting each other, achieving together.

At Unified Academy we use a highly personalised approach, that caters to the different needs and abilities of our students on order to secure the best possible outcomes for them. Our aim is that they develop high aspirations for the future with the skills and knowledge to achieve them so they are able to positively contribute to wider community. 

Our Ethos

Unified Academy follows a nurture-based reflective and restorative approach with all students, which includes educating students about appropriate and behaviour and responses, rather than using a consequence-based approach. 

We have the highest standards and expectations for all children to experience success, lead empathetic lives and fill productive roles as members of society. Their individual contributions to school life will be valued and their talents celebrated. Students, staff, parents and visitors will show respect for, acceptance of and responsibility to ourselves, each other and the wider community.

Together we will build a fun, safe and caring school that promotes the joy of learning, high personal achievement, respect for individual differences, dignity for all and equal opportunities by eliminating discrimination.

We will nurture, encourage and listen to every voice in our community, including students, parents and carers, friends and staff. Maximising the potential of every student will be placed at the heart of all decision making.

We will always be a strong advocate for Unified Academy; being proud of our school and Trust.

Our Values

We are unified in our values to be:

Curious – We are Curious to experience and discover the world around us

Respectful – We are respectful or ourselves, each other and the community

Compassionate – We are compassionate of the needs and feelings of others

Inspired – We are inspired to achieve our full potential and see new possibilities

Empowered – We are empowered to make positive choices so that we can contribute to our community